At Mimo we believe passionately about building positive and enduring relationships with our customers and we know that the basis of these relationships is customer confidence in us and our products.
Excellent IT Systems & Infrastructure Management is the core feature of all of Mimo's products. this is based on a foundation of technical excellence in all fields of IT and supported by our Continuous Improvement initiative which delivers real benefits to our customers.
Mimo use a three pronged approach to managing your IT:


Mimo know that support is one of the most important services that we provide to our customers and so we are dedicated to making sure that it's the best available. To us, support basically means keeping your Mimo supplied IT solutions working smoothly and ensuring that you can reach the appropriate technical resource when you need them.

We are specialists in email and data migrations between cloud service providers such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite and we can help your organisation make the move with minimal impact.


Mimo keep a comprehensive eye on the availability, performance and health of your Mimo supplied systems and apps. As soon as your Mimo supplied Infrastructure is plugged in, it establishes an encrypted tunnel back to our monitoring centre and we begin proactive monitoring immediately. This means that if issues arise then we can identify and address them quickly.


Mimo make sure that the appropriate configuration is applied to your infrastructure consistently and is backed up reliably. We will also work closely with our customers to adapt the configurations to help you meet your goals as your requirements develop and change. Mimo will undertake all of the housekeeping routines to ensure that you're getting the best from your systems and apps. Mimo continually assess the performance of your systems and infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and usability.

We will work with your business to define a strategy that fits you requirements and then undertake the full technical design cycle to produce a detailed, step-by-step guide for your business.