Rapid Mobile Office


Mimo Rapid Mobile Office

Does your business operate in a manner that makes fixed connectivity difficult? the construction or highways industries for example can deploy portacabins to a certain location, with the intention of moving them in a month when that particular phase of the project has been completed.
Getting a broadband link installed can take up to four weeks, if it's even possible in these locations.
So what is the solution?
Mimo are specialists in networking and telecoms and we have developed a solution - RMO
RMO or Rapid Mobile Office is a solution that utilises the latest technologies such as 4G LTE, 5Ghz 802.11ac and voice over IP to deliver an office like experience wherever you are.

Simple Connectivity

RMO can securely connect you back to your network using the technologies, allow you to connect to your documents and office apps quikcly and securely, filter your outgoing internet to limit access to bandwidth hungry streaming video and music sites and let you keep your landline number wherever you are and all of this is managed by us. You don't need to configure anything, just plug it in and within 5 minutes your office is ready.

Robust Equipment

All components that make up RMO are designed to work through environments. there are no moving parts, no fans to clog, no hard drives to damage. the components are preconfigured and preconnected and delivered in an impact resistant waterproof carry case. this way we guarantee you the best possible solution.

Easily Expandable

If you need WIFI across the site or construction area, RMO can even be used as teh hub of a wireless network. The RMO switch is a PoE capable so that when it is combined with Mimo's IP66 rated wireless access points, you can deploy an outdoor wireless wireless network without the need for additional power - just run an external grade Cat6 cable to where you need the access point and then plug it in (we can even help with the cabling if required).