Events & Exhibitions


Events & Exhibitions

Are you planning an event such as a trade show, an annual conference or even a large wedding?
If you are then one of the questions that will arise is how am I going to sort out the IT requirements. You might need digital signage, you may need some specialist touchscreen kiosks to act as information points for your delegates and you will almost certainly need to provide 100's of people with filtered wireless internet access.
If this sounds familiar and you're not sure where to start then let us help.
Mimo are specialists in networking and telecoms and we have developed a solution - RME
RME or Rapid Mobile Event is a suite of solutions that utilizes the latest technologies such as dedicated Google Chrome devices, 4G LTE, 5Ghz 802.11ac wireless and voice over IP to deliver the technology you need to complement your event.
At its core, RME is designed to be used as a rapid deployment temporary wireless network. The RME switches are PoE capable so that when they are combined with Mimo's IP66 rated wireless access points, you can deploy an indoor or outdoor wireless network in no time at all - perfect for your event, whatever the weather.
RME can also be used in conjunction with our point to point wireless WAN, allowing you to deliver super fast internet access to all of your guests with 4G LTE backup connectivity option - the best of both worlds.
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Public & Private Networks

RME can be deployed to provide you with both public and secure private networks at any event, allowing you to run your own systems, safe in the knowledge that they are secure and separate from your public access network.

Internet Filtering

You can filter your internet connection to limit access to bandwidth hungry streaming video and music sites, ensure that only appropriate content is accessible at your events. You don't need to configure anything, just plug it in and within minutes your event solution is ready.

Digital Signage & Kiosks

RME can provide secure digital signage to display your custom logos, adverts and information screens. It can also provide touchscreen kiosks to act as information points for your delegates or registrations points for your organisers - whatever your needs, RME can accommodate them.

Robust Hardware

All components that make up RME are designed to work in demanding environments. there are no moving parts, no fans to clog, no hard drives to damage. The components are preconfigured and remotely managed by us - this lets us guarantee you the best possible solution.