Cloud Assist


Cloud Assist

Are you looking to migrate your business infrastructure to the cloud but aren't sure how to begin? Have yuo already started the migration but now you've run into some problems and you need a bit of help? Do you need help planning and migrating from one cloud provider to another?
Mimo has a lot of experience with cloud projects and migrations. Our server, network and storage teams have expertise in designing and building cloud solutions on all of the leading platforms - AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Services - as well as building bespoke, on-premises cloud environments for some of our customers.
If you need some help or advice on your particular solution, please get in touch with us using the details below.

Migration Assistance

Regardless of how big or small your environment is, Mimo can provide your company with the advice and technical skills needed to successfully migrate your IT services into the cloud or between cloud providers.

We are specialists in email and data migrations between cloud service providers such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite and we can help your organisation make the move with minimal impact.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes, a full cloud migration is not an option but you'd still like to realise the benefits of a cloud platform for particular parts of your business. this is where Mimo can help. Our technical teams can help you decide where the greatest benefits lie and how you go about building your hybrid solution.

Cloud Design Service

If you think that your business would benefit by investing in a cloud solution but your not sure what you need, where you need it or exactly how much of it is required then Mimo can help.

We will work with your business to define a strategy that fits you requirements and then undertake the full technical design cycle to produce a detailed, step-by-step guide for your business.