Circuitless Office

Has your business ever been in the situation where a new office is due to open but you rISP has let you down and the new WAN link won't be installed for another three or four weeks? Perhaps the new circuit has to cross a road and you have to wait for the local authority to approve the work or your existing building has reached fibre capacity and the telco needs to install new fibres.
Whatever the reason, waiting for your WAN link can mean that your business is loosing money and even trying to arrange stop gap measures like getting a broadband link installed can take weeks.
So what is the solution?
Mino are specialists in networking and telecoms and we can offer your business a fully managed 4G solution with built in carrier redundancy, a 256 bit encrypted VPN back to your HQ and even a local internet break out with web filtering.
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Resilient 4G Connectivity

Our solutions can facilitate dual LTE modems, enabling wireless-to-wireless failover for vital applications such as Point-of-Sale and much more.

We are specialists in email and data migrations between cloud service providers such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite and we can help your organisation make the move with minimal impact.

Encrypted VPN

All components that make up RMO are designed to work in tough environments. There are no moving parts, no fans to clog, no hard drives to damage. The components are preconfigured and preconnected and delivered in an impact resistant waterproof carry case. This way, we guarantee you the best possible solution.

Internet Filtering

You can filter your internet connection to limit access to bandwidth hungry streaming video and music sites and ensure that your staff can only access appropriate content. you don't need to configure anything, just plug it in and your filtering solution is ready.

We will work with your business to define a strategy that fits you requirements and then undertake the full technical design cycle to produce a detailed, step-by-step guide for your business.