Specialist IT solutions
for your business sector

At Mimi we can provide the IT expertise that your business needs, from
specialist IT solutions for your sector, cloud based solutions and services and WIFI, security and infrastructure.

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    What do we do?

    We can provide the taylored IT expertise that your business needs

    At Mimo we understand that you started your business so that you could do what you love and be successful at it. We also understand that supporting your IT systems might not be the thing you love.


    Specialist IT Solutions for Various

    Focused towards providing innovative, robust and cost effective IT solutions to a wide variety of public and private sectors, including local government, schools and universities.

    Cloud Based Solutions & Services

    Whether you are looking to move your services to the Cloud, having trouble with your existing Cloud deployment, or want to know what the Cloud is and if it's suitable for you, Mimo can assist.

    WIFI, Security & Infrastructure

    Stay secure and stay compliant, enable WIFI internet on a bus, or event, or simply organise your IT infrastructures better, speak with Mimo today.

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    Mimi IT Services

    What we do

    Mimo Consult

    Networks, Servers, Storage and Software ... we do it all. From a Firewall rule to a cloud migration.

    Mimo Educate

    Solutions for the Education sector encompassing the latest products from Google, Microsoft and Cisco.

    Mimo Specialise

    Mobile office-in-a-box, point-to-point WiFi at 1GB, event networks, disaster recovery solutions. Find out more.

    Mimo Secure

    GDPR, IS027001, PCIDSS, MiFID I. Mimo can help you decipher the jargon and get your IT infrastructure up to standard.

    Mimo Support

    IT support for a convenient flat monthly fee so you can prevent problems before they arise.

    Mimo Online

    Easily deployed, pre-configured, cloud-managed wireless, telephony and software solutions for business


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